Vessel Tracking Mobile Application

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Client Overview

Our client offers a full line of state-of-the-art wireless security, monitoring, satellite tracking, surveillance, acoustic deterrents, and cloaking systems for any size vessel–from small tenders to ample yachts and full-size ships. Their Nav-Tracker system which utilizes the two-way Inmarsat satellite constellation–the very same telecommunications satellites used by the U.S. Department of Defense–has enabled yacht owners and captains to remotely monitor and control the onboard devices for either a single yacht or an entire fleet located anywhere in the world.


The primary challenge encountered by our client’s customers was that they could only track their vessels, set alarms, or establish geofences by using our client’s vessel tracking website, which typically meant having to do so from a desktop computer. This limited flexibility propelled a growing demand from users to be able to perform certain key functions of the vessel tracking system through the convenience of their mobile devices.

Another significant obstacle to be considered in designing the mobile solution was in handling the numerous communication constraints between the Vessel Tracker App, the servers that provide access to the satellites, and the subsequent communication with the GPS units aboard the vessels, without any major sacrifices to the user experience.


Bonzzu undertook the project with both local and remote teams, following an agile development methodology. The first phase of the project was conducting UX and UI research alongside our client, as well as the engineers of the vessel tracking system. By obtaining this early feedback we were then able to successfully deliver a lo-fi prototype of the proposed mobile solution. After validation of the prototype, the development phase started with building the native iOS application.

Early versions of the application were distributed to users of the vessel tracking system in order to obtain their feedback for further iterations. Development of the Android version of the application started just before the iOS application was finished.

Both the iOS and Android application were deployed successfully to their respective online stores and Bonzzu is currently supporting the client with feature enhancements and product maintenance as needed.   

Vessel Tracking Mobile Application

Vessel Tracking Mobile App


Our client now provides their customers with a native mobile application–on both the Android and iOS platforms–that enhances their users’ interaction with the vessel tracking system by allowing them to remotely track, arm, and monitor their vessels through the convenience of their mobile devices. Our participation in this project was seen as a true partnership and an invaluable extension of their team.


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