The Benefits of Wireframing


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A wireframe is the design of your product at its most structural. It’s one of the earliest tools of the development process and establishes basic structure while taking into account user needs, all well before visual elements are added.

So why is wireframing important when approaching a new product like a website or mobile app?

1) No Distractions. With a wireframe mockup, you aren’t going to get distracted by the bells and whistles that will be added later. It’s a chance to see pure layout and interaction features that will make sure the content and functionality are best for your business and users.

2) Save Time and Money. While in the wireframe stage, your product is still incredibly pliable. On a finished design, even simple changes can become a nightmare. During wireframing, parts that aren’t working can be moved around and reshaped with ease. Catching these issues early means less time wasted later, and that means less money spent.

3) Vital Feedback. As a working prototype, you’ll be able to have your product in your hands at a much earlier stage. This means you’ll be able to provide vital feedback to your development team that can evolve the course of the design to what’s best for you and your users.

4) Establish Information Hierarchy. You can decide how a user is going to process the information in front of them. If it’s not clear in the two-dimensional, black & white world of a wireframe, it’s definitely going to be lost in the final product.

5) A Clear Roadmap. Wireframing is one of the most effective tools in product. development because it serves as a concise blueprint for the design of your product. It’s an easy way to get every member of your design team on the same page. It’s something that you should be able to confidently put in front of any development team and give them a firm plan of action.


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