Software Engineers Hard-Coded For Music

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Carlos (above) and Roger (below): Software engineers at Bonzzu by day. Rock Star drummers by night.

These two titles, software engineer and rock star, IMG_5628often bring to mind two completely different images. For instance, our understanding of the typical software engineer likely follows that of the cliché nerd: bookish, visually impaired, and noted by many to have had an unhealthy attendance streak at their professor’s office hours. On the other hand, we think of the rock stars, or the musicians of the world, as exhibiting a “cool” sense of Jim Morrison-like indifference toward practical matters, and possessing a strong passion for all things creative or expressive.

But anyone who actually knows any real life engineers also knows that these two titles are not mutually exclusive. In fact, I would argue that the reason so many developers are also musicians (surprise!) is anchored in a common penchant for creativity and abstract thinking. The harmonious arrangement of notes that make up the chorus of that song you keep aggressively pushing on your friends while they’re captive in your car, is not unlike the code that allows everything worthwhile on that smartphone you can’t live without to function so well. And both camps (the engineers and the musicians) would tell you that what they arrived at is “art.” And so it should be no surprise that these two creative minds are often just one.

Re-enter Carlos and Roger: Bifocal-wearing, comic book-loving engineers and rock stars.

And for those of you brave enough to wave your nerd and musician flags at equal height, here’s Neil Peart of Rush performing Spirit of the Radio.


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