Software Developers With Scala and Java Experience

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Software Developers Scala JavaSoftware Developer with Scala experience is required for our direct client and leading provider of technology solutions and platform to investment advisors.

How we Work

We focus on delivering value to end users as efficiently as possible. Currently the team will work remotely from headquarters and measured by productivity outcome.

Our Technologies

We mostly use Scala for development, with a strong focus on Functional Programming while still incorporating some aspects of Object-Oriented development.

•    Concurrency Toolkit: Akka
•    Web Framework: Play
•    Source control: Git
•    Database: MongoDB and Redis


•    Develop, implement and deliver features on the new product requirements
•    Communicating with various project stakeholders
•    Deliver and maintain high quality software
•    Promote, apply and improve agile software development practices


•    Strong focus on Scala and Java, others may include Erlang or Haskell experience
•    Ability to apply design patterns, data structures and algorithms
•    Experience using open source languages, operating systems and tools
•    Experience implementing agile software development practices
•    Degree in Computer Science or related field
•    Minimum of 4 years experience within a software engineering environment

Bonus Points

•    Experience with functional programming
•    Deep understanding of modern web technology stack – server and client
•    Experience with a NoSQL and Mongo Db database
•    Experience with EC2 or Openstack

Our team culture

As a company operating in a dynamic environment•    Environment and processes – Smaller, more nimble and dynamic.

•    Ambitious – 100% focused on meeting our goals and targets.
•    Attitude – Team members are driven, smart, ambitious and constantly encouraged to use their initiative to propel themselves, the team and business forward.

About Bonzzu

Bonzzu Inc. is an American corporation, with headquarters in Miramar, Florida with remote offices in San Francisco Bay Area. Bonzzu specializes in software development via project based or managed services across the entire product development lifecycle. The development lifecycle includes new product prototyping, development, quality assurance, release engineering, porting, sustaining and maintenance. The company was founded in 2010 and currently servicing companies within United States.

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