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We’re only halfway into the first month of 2016 and the new year has already made some pretty grim branding choices, evidently determined to be remembered as the year that stole our favorite people.

David Bowie

Photo Credit: La Real Noticia [Flickr]

Because before we could fully comprehend that David Bowie, our venerated Starman, had taken his place in the sky, we were made to raise our wands in honor of the remarkable Alan Rickman. And so swiftly, so unexpectedly were they taken from us that it almost feels malicious. So heartbroken, we console ourselves by belting out our favorite Bowie songs, re-watching our favorite Rickman films and doing our best to remember and cherish the gifts they left us.

In between we try to go about our day, distracting ourselves with our lives and diving into our work—like I’ve tried to do. But it’s still there, ominously hovering in the back of my mind. So when I look down at my phone and see that after a day of writing, of meetings, of phone calls, of emails, that I only have 1% battery remaining and no charger in sight, my thoughts color this non-event with cosmic significance.

Alan Rickman

Photo Credit: Icaro Ferracini [Flickr]

If anything the last few days have reminded us, yet again and with a heavy stick made of clichés, that life is fleeting and we don’t have the luxury of knowing how much battery we have left before we power down. So I’m thinking that if I only had 1% left, who would I call? What would I say? And what am I waiting for?

And what about you? Who would you call? Let us know in the comments below, but more importantly—don’t forget to call. Also, feel free to share your favorite Bowie songs and Rickman quotes—we love those too.


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