Software Developers With Scala and Java Experience

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Software Developers Scala JavaSoftware Developer with Scala experience is required for our direct client and leading provider of technology solutions and platform to investment advisors.

How we Work

We focus on delivering value to end users as efficiently as possible. Currently the team will work remotely from headquarters and measured by productivity outcome.

Our Technologies

We mostly use Scala for development, with a strong focus on Functional Programming while still incorporating some aspects of Object-Oriented development.

•    Concurrency Toolkit: Akka
•    Web Framework: Play
•    Source control: Git
•    Database: MongoDB and Redis


•    Develop, implement and deliver features on the new product requirements
•    Communicating with various project stakeholders
•    Deliver and maintain high quality software
•    Promote, apply and improve agile software development practices


•    Strong focus on Scala and Java, others may include Erlang or Haskell experience
•    Ability to apply design patterns, data structures and algorithms
•    Experience using open source languages, operating systems and tools
•    Experience implementing agile software development practices
•    Degree in Computer Science or related field
•    Minimum of 4 years experience within a software engineering environment

Bonus Points

•    Experience with functional programming
•    Deep understanding of modern web technology stack – server and client
•    Experience with a NoSQL and Mongo Db database
•    Experience with EC2 or Openstack

Our team culture

As a company operating in a dynamic environment•    Environment and processes – Smaller, more nimble and dynamic.

•    Ambitious – 100% focused on meeting our goals and targets.
•    Attitude – Team members are driven, smart, ambitious and constantly encouraged to use their initiative to propel themselves, the team and business forward.

About Bonzzu

Bonzzu Inc. is an American corporation, with headquarters in Miramar, Florida with remote offices in San Francisco Bay Area. Bonzzu specializes in software development via project based or managed services across the entire product development lifecycle. The development lifecycle includes new product prototyping, development, quality assurance, release engineering, porting, sustaining and maintenance. The company was founded in 2010 and currently servicing companies within United States.

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The Benefits of Wireframing


photo credit: INPIVIC Family (Flickr)


A wireframe is the design of your product at its most structural. It’s one of the earliest tools of the development process and establishes basic structure while taking into account user needs, all well before visual elements are added.

So why is wireframing important when approaching a new product like a website or mobile app?

1) No Distractions. With a wireframe mockup, you aren’t going to get distracted by the bells and whistles that will be added later. It’s a chance to see pure layout and interaction features that will make sure the content and functionality are best for your business and users.

2) Save Time and Money. While in the wireframe stage, your product is still incredibly pliable. On a finished design, even simple changes can become a nightmare. During wireframing, parts that aren’t working can be moved around and reshaped with ease. Catching these issues early means less time wasted later, and that means less money spent.

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The Benefits of Being Agile

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Benefits of Being Agile

Today, as business cycles are getting faster and faster, the best way for software development companies to keep up is by turning toward Agile Development. Because we have to deal with a market that is extraordinarily quick to embrace new innovations, being able to adapt and make quick pivots is of the utmost importance—and really, this is what Agile is all about.

In software development the problem to be solved is often complex, solutions are initially unknown, and product requirements will most likely change. But because the work can be modularized, close collaboration with customers and stakeholders (and rapid feedback from them) is feasible, and creative teams typically outperform command-and-control groups—means that the software development industry is particularly well suited for success with Agile.

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Say “No” to Vanity Metrics

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Vanity Metrics

Every client will tell you that they want two things: be on time, and stay within their budget. At the heart of every project, every client also wants a third thing–results. We like to take it one step further and say that every client wants us to be on time, stay within their budget, deliver results, and be special every step of the way….

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What You Need to Know Before Building an App

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Mobile Apps

Photo Credit: Eduardo García Cruz [flickr]

There are a lot of great app ideas out there. Here are a few things to consider so you are confident and prepared to ensure yours stands out from the crowd. Yes, the following may seem like a lot of work, but you will save valuable time and money in the end.

A lot of great ideas come and go. First, find a place to record and sketch out all of your ideas.

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When to Hire a Third Party Development Agency

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When To Hire A Third Party Development Agency


Wondering if hiring an outside development agency might be right for you? It can be a difficult decision. How do you know if you’re making the right choice? Let’s discuss what your options might be, and how to know when hiring third-party developers (like Bonzzu!) is the correct move.

You’ve got problems. Can outside developers solve them?

There are a number of reasons why you might be thinking about hiring third-party developers. Here are a few possible problems you’re trying to solve:

  • You’re building a brand new application or product and don’t have your own development team.
  • You want to build something new and you do have a team of developers, but they’re busy working on existing products.
  • You need to get development work done more quickly to meet deadlines.
  • You’re trying to hire developers to build or expand your team, but it’s taking too long.
  • You have hard problems that are outside your development team’s area of expertise, or you want to introduce a new technology into your wheelhouse.
  • You have concerns about your developers’ work, and want an unbiased code review or security audit.

Contracting with the right development agency can help you be the hero in tackling any of these problems (plug: Bonzzu has helped companies with all of the above). However, could you tackle these problems without a third-party development agency? Maybe. Let’s explore some of these issues and how to know when it’s a good idea….

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Reevaluating Your Goals and Planning for Success

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Photo Credit: Thomas Leth-Olsen [Flickr]

Photo Credit: Thomas Leth-Olsen [Flickr]

So at the end of 2015 you set some goals, established some projects you’d like to complete, identified some problem areas and then promised yourself that 2016 would be your (or your company’s, or your team’s) most successful year yet. But now that we’re a little over a month into the new year, it’s time to evaluate your approach and find out if it’s really up to snuff, or if you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

Now when you were coming up with your goals for the year it’s quite possible that they ended up sounding pretty similar to these:

  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to improve team communication
  • I want to get back into writing
  • I want to launch my app idea
  • I want to procrastinate less

Yes, these are all swell ideas and certainly worth the effort, however, there’s a problem with goals like these: they’re way too abstract….

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Low Battery

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We’re only halfway into the first month of 2016 and the new year has already made some pretty grim branding choices, evidently determined to be remembered as the year that stole our favorite people.

David Bowie

Photo Credit: La Real Noticia [Flickr]

Because before we could fully comprehend that David Bowie, our venerated Starman, had taken his place in the sky, we were made to raise our wands in honor of the remarkable Alan Rickman. And so swiftly, so unexpectedly were they taken from us that it almost feels malicious. So heartbroken, we console ourselves by belting out our favorite Bowie songs, re-watching our favorite Rickman films and doing our best to remember and cherish the gifts they left us.

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Remote Team Partnerships

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One of the most important responsibilities for CIOs is to develop creative solutions to help their companies navigate tough business conditions. Most often those solutions involve cost reductions in the way business is done, and a common approach is to contract out certain projects or augment an existing team with contract employees from a third party vendor.

But as many hiring managers in Silicon Valley will tell you, finding talented individuals in a given locale with the necessary skills for the job can be exceedingly difficult, even for a region whose name is synonymous with the tech industry. For this reason, many companies are starting to cast a wider net and are partnering with vendors and individuals located all over the globe, and in doing so they are combining resources to form an extended remote team just like any other in operation. And if you read our previous post, “Working Remotely Works,” you know that Bonzzu is a big fan of remote teams.

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This post was written in my home office and I swear I was wearing pants most of the time.

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Photo Credit: Alinghi Official [Flickr]

This past January we posted a piece on why telecommuting in 2015 is worth believing in, and cited number of incentives and statistics that favor both employers and employees alike. And though the article does not claim that offering such mobility to your employees will turn your workplace into some utopian community of widely dispersed, super productive individuals, it should urge people to at least consider the benefits (especially if you’re in a country with an abysmal work-life balance like the United States).

Well, the issue has come up yet again as just days ago Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson, alongside Facebook Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, sat down for an interview on Bloomberg TV to discuss their unwavering endorsement of a more flexible work environment.

When asked if Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer’s decision two years ago, to end their longstanding work-from-home policy, put her on the wrong side of history, Branson stated, “Yes… it was a mistake—and I’ve said so… If [people with children] can get the job done at home and they can be around their kids, then I think that’s good for the family and good for the business and good for the individual.”

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